Ours is the age of cord-cutting. When I say cord, I mean the cable cords. The lifestyle that we lead does not allow us time to sit in front of the TV at the scheduled time to watch the shows we like. We have our offices, we have a social life, we have to attend meetings. When do we ever have time? But that does not mean that we have to be bereft of the joy of watching TV. Nowadays we have online TV streaming to help us in that. And Megabox HD is one of those TV streaming apps which come for free.

Megabox HD is a free online TV streaming service. But it will be grossly unfair if I tag this amazingly mind-blowing app only as a TV streaming one. This gives the users access to everything that the cable has. It has movies, TV shows, cartoon shows. It is the complete package. And just to be clear, it is much better than that because you get to choose what you watch. And not just that, you choose when to watch it and where to watch is as well. Read to get a comprehensive review of Megabox HD app.

Megabox HD Content:

Megabox HD Apk

The editorial team at the Megabox HD office work relentlessly to get us all the latest videos. And these videos include TV shows and movies alike. New contents are added to their gallery every single day. All you need to do is keep an eye out for the movie that released in the theater a few days ago but sadly you couldn’t make it. Movies are added fresh out of the theaters so that you stay updated.

It is the same with the TV series. You will be able to find the latest and the popular TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, The Flash. All of these are there waiting for you to stream. You can even find those underrated underdogs of the entertainment industry there as well. And new episodes are added at the earliest. Often it is added faster than the paid services get the same content.

Megabox HD Device Compatibility:

Device Compatibility is one of the most important aspects. When you are looking for a new online TV streaming app, you need to make sure that it is supported on your devices. And Megabox HD will amaze you in that respect. It is available in the app form for most of the devices. There is an Android app and an iOS app. While these are the official ones, you can also get this app to play and function on your PC. It requires a little trick, but it is possible.

In addition to all of these, this app is compatible with local cast apps. So you can easily get Chrome cast or any other local cast for that matter and get the app synced to it. And using this particular feature, you can stream the videos on your Smart TVs from your mobile. Now isn’t that something!

Gallery Optimization:

Another important feature about online movie and TV streaming apps are the gallery. It is essential that the gallery is optimized. If it is not, it can take a long time to find the content you are looking for. And it ruins the mood for you as well. To the joy of the users, Megabox HD has a fully optimized gallery.

The gallery has different sections marked for different videos. So to say, the TV shows are on a separate tab from the Movies, and the cartoons are in a whole different tab altogether. Then these sections are further optimized. You can see the recent additions that were made to the gallery from the recent tab.

The movies section is further optimized. All the films are categorized by their genre along with the current tab. Thus the experience of browsing becomes better than ever. You can open the content catalog and browse through the comedy section when you are looking for something to laugh on. Simple!

Megabox HD User Interface:

Last but not the least comes the user interface. An evaluation of the user interface checks whether the app is easy to access for the users. And you will be very glad to know that this app has a great and straightforward UI. The app has every single section properly marked, and the buttons are neatly organized. Browsing through the content catalog could not be any easier.

Even the video player has a simple interface. When you are playing a video, you can pick the quality of the video that you want to stream. There are different qualities available; from the low resolution to the high resolution as well as the High Definition HD videos. All are available right at your fingertips.

Additional Features:

While I have gone on and on about the vast and extensive content gallery that has both old and the new videos, there are many other smaller features that generally go unnoticed. But we all know that even these small things matter. To start with, there is the option of offline viewing. It means that you can store a video on the server for you to watch later. When you are watching a video offline, you do not need a data connection. It works wonders at times that you are traveling because your viewing will not depend on the network stability.

You can also share the videos or the playlists that you have created with your friends on social media platforms. And as a result, you can also get to see what your friends are watching. Always stay updated with the Megabox HD and do not fail to contribute to those conversations about the trending movies and shows.

Wrapping it up:

All said and done, now that we have examined all the features of Megabox HD under scrutinizing eyes, it is time to make a verdict. And the verdict is that this is a great app and especially because this comes for free. Yes, there are advertisements, but that is only natural because the app is free and the creators need to make some revenue out of it. If you have the courage and will to sit through those commercials, this app is the only online movie and TV streaming app that you will ever require.

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